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Our services

Consulting Services for Electronics and Software Sector We offer effective solutions that offer high added value and benefit...

Our services

Electronic Board (Circuit) Design & PCB Production

With our hardware (hardware) engineers and our advanced technical facilities, we carry out the most suitable electronic card design, costing and production studies for the needs of our customers. We carry out prototype development, mass production, SMD (surface mounting) & TH (in-hole mounting), contract manufacturing and material production in line with the quantities required by our customers. Turkey's most advanced equipment and production techniques are used in SMD and TH typesetting for electronic card production.

Industry 4.0 Solutions & Industrial Process Systems

We provide the equipment, installation and software required for industrial processes and smart systems used in industrial areas and buildings. In this context, we provide the creation and commissioning of the most appropriate solutions for special electronic circuit board design and software needs for customer needs. Control and automation have an important place in industrial facilities. We work to minimize human error and increase production efficiency.

Software Development & Embedded Systems Programming

You may have many software demands such as the development of your current application, integration with other systems, changes according to your workflow or special requirements. We meet your software development needs so that your system can run safely, quickly and with high performance. We offer optimum solutions by developing the most suitable software for the algorithm (scenario) you have created or for your system that you have determined how it should work.

Consulting Services for Electronics and Software Industry

We provide corporate consultancy support to our valued customers in the fields of electronic cards and software, with our expert technical staff who are experienced in their fields and closely follow the developing technology, and with advanced hardware facilities. We always produce solutions for the changes, improvements or problems you want to make in your system at the points you need.

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